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Arrival to Estonia

Tartu is situated in Southern Estonia and connects to the world primarily through Tartu airport and Tallinn (Estonia's capital) international airport.

The Tallinn international airport is located on the edge of that city, on the road to Tartu. The distance between Tallinn airport and Tartu is 180 km, so it will take approximately two hours to drive to Tartu.

Getting to Tartu by plane

Tartu Airport is located in Ülenurme, about 9 km from Tartu. It is possible to reach the airport using the taxi or AirportShuttle. AirportShuttle leaves Tartu Airport for the city about 15 minutes after the plane has arrived, but will wait for anyone who needs transport to the city. For a fee of 3 € the AirportShuttle will drop you off at any location in the City of Tartu. Tickets can be purchased from the driver, either in cash or with a debit/credit card.

One regular airline connects Tartu with the rest of the world via Helsinki. Starting from May the route will be serviced by Finnair. According to the new schedule, departures from Helsinki are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 16:15. Departures from Tartu are on these days at 17:25. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, departure from Helsinki is at 11:10 and from Tartu at 12:20. The flight time is 40 minutes according to plan. Finnair flies to Tartu with ATR-type 68-seat aircraft.

Please note that the news about daily flights serviced by Finnair is published on March 13th. So it may take time to have the flights in Finnair booking system.

Getting to Tartu by bus

From Tallinn Airport to Tartu - Lux Express buses depart hourly between 07:05 and 20:05 from Tallinn Airport ("Tallinna lennujaam") straight to Tartu. The bus stop is located on floor 0, i.e. by the car park that is located at the front of the airport, next to the so-called lower entrance. 

Tickets can be bought online, from the self-service terminal in the airport (T-pilet) or from the driver in case there are vacant seats. You can print out your tickets at home or use the self-service terminal at the airport. 

It will take you 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach Tartu. Buses with free Wi-Fi are comfortable and some offer snacks and drinks for sale. 

Other bus companies mostly do not stop in Tallinn Airport, so if you need to travel after 20:05, you should begin your journey from Tallinn Central Bus Station, which is easily reachable by taxi.

From Tallinn Central Bus Station to Tartu - buses leave almost every 30 minutes from 5:45 in the morning until 23:59 at night. You can find the timetable from It will take you 2 hours and 25 minutes to reach Tartu. Buses are comfortable and some offer snacks and drinks for sale. Some buses offer also free WiFi service.

Special bus for late arrivals - For late arrivals on June 14th to the Tallinn Airport the special Conference bus is organized. Departure on June 14th, at 0:30 from the main entrance of the Tallinn Airport. You can buy the ticket for special bus with your online registration.

Getting to Tartu by train

New and comfortable trains to Tartu from Tallinn´s train station leave 3-6 times a day, depending on the weekday. It takes approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to Tartu. The train station is situated just outside the Tallinn Old Town and sea port, a taxi or tram No.2  (from the sea port) will take you there ("Balti jaam" stop). Express trains are comfortable and have free WiFi access. Check the timetables and further information from

Getting from Riga Airport to Tartu 

You can also reach Tartu easily from Riga Airport (245  km from Tartu). Bus companies Lux Express and Ecolines operate the route Riga Airport-Tartu, timetables and fares can be found from here and here. No train connection is available.


Both in Tallinn and Tartu, all taxis have their individual prices marked clearly on the rear passenger-side window in English. To obtain a receipt for the ride, you must ask the driver at the end of the journey. Receipt is known as "cheque" in Estonia.

Taxis are available at the airports, bus or railway stations and other central locations, such as beside the Town Hall Square in Tartu and Tallinn. It is also very easy to order a taxi through Taxify app. The hiring charge is usually around €3-€4. Longer city trips are unlikely to amount to more than €5-€7. The rates charged will, to some extent, depend on the size and age of the car.

In Tartu the Central Bus Station, interesting sites, restaurants and hotels are so close to each other that it’s only a short walk from point a to b. Most probably you will need a taxi only for driving to the conference venue, which is located at the outskirts of Tartu city.